Clover Finance $SKU🌸エアドロップ情報_2021.6.17

Clover Finance $SKU🌸エアドロップ情報_2021.6.17


Clover Finance 公式 Discord にて、$SKU エアドロップのアナウンスがありました。

以下が全文になりますが、エアドロップ実施日 及び詳細の記載はございません。


転載元:CloverFinance Medium






3. Android:Google Playストアから「モバイルウォレット」をダウンロードします。 = com.clover.wallet 



5. iOS アプリケーションは審査中ですが、数日中に利用可能になる予定です。


6. 4つのコインリストセールラウンドのいずれかに参加した場合、SKUエアドロップの対象になります。


7. SKUエアドロップにはまだ特定の日付がありませんが、これらの手順を実行することで、



Please complete the following steps to ensure that you will receive the Sakura Airdrop!

1. Download the official clover wallet browser plugin from the chrome web store:

2. Create a new wallet or import your existing wallet. If you participated in the coinlist sales, please use that seedphrase to sync your wallet.

3. Android: Download the mobile wallet from the google play store:

4. Sync this wallet with the same seed phrase you used for the browser plug in in step 2.

5. iOS The iOS application is under review but should be available in the next few days. Please pause at this step until we announce that the official wallet is in the app store

6. If you participated in any of the 4 coinlist sale rounds, you are now eligible for the SKU airdrop! You will be contacted in the near future to provide your address for the CLV deposit (round 3 has already completed this) and we will use this information to verify your SKU airdrop eligibility

7. The SKU airdrop does not have a specific date just yet but doing these steps now will ensure that you are ready for the airdrop as soon as it happens!”

転載元:Clover Finance Discord

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